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Women In Thongs

Women in thongs that also wear glasses know that they have nice butts because they have 2020 vision. The crazy thing about women that wear both glasses and thongs is that the men they make love to could care less about the quality of their chick’s eye site because they’re too busy trying to get a piece of booty!

alt="Big booty brunette in a black thong">
Most women that wear glasses always leave them on while performing oral sex on men because they block sperm from getting shot in their eyeballs.



Women in thongs that take booty selfies love to post them on all of their social media accounts so they can brag about all of the likes they get. The number one social media account where women post selfies of their butts is Instagram and Snapchat. Many social media experts believe that Tik Tok will soon be the number one space where booty selfies and booty videos will be published.

alt="Big booty Asian in stockings">
100% of men that are attracted to women get turned on 100% of the time when they see beautiful women wearing thongs.



Women that pull down their jeans to show that they’re wearing a thong and then take a selfie are the greatest women in the world today. In fact, the United States Congress has tried passing 17 bills that would make it legal for women to be able to wear just thongs anywhere they go, except the DMV for obvious reasons.

alt="Sex brunette in a black thing taking a booty selfie">
Fact: 93% of women that go jogging with their pants pulled down to show off their butt trip 53% of the time almost 17% of the time when they jog on weekends.



Women in thongs wearing sexy leggings really know what men want. And if you’re a woman that doesn’t know what men want then here’s a hint, men want something from a woman that rhymes with the word “crass”.

alt="Booty selfie of a woman with a big ass">
Fact: Women that wear both thongs and sexy leggings at the same time should win some sort of award for being amazing.



Women in black g-strings love showing off their bodies. But that makes sense because why would women want to show off their bodies in a scuba diving suit from the mid 1930’s if they can buy a new g-string from the mall nearest to their condo.

alt="Booty selfie of a brunette girl">
Fact: The women pictured above has a great butt.



Fit women in thongs should always stay in perfect shape so that they always look amazing when they wear almost anything. Basically, fit women aren’t doing themselves any favors by eating donuts for lunch.

alt="Booty selfie of a blonde woman">
Fact: The woman pictured above is sexier than the woman pictured above her picture.



Latina women in thongs should be able to do whatever they want whenever they want.

alt="Booty selfie of a woman wearing lingerie">
The man she’s sending this booty selfie to has no clue that she’s actually sending him a picture of her ripping a fart.



Brunette women in thongs should always start their day with a healthy breakfast because they need to keep their bodies in perfect shape.

alt="Booty selfie of a fit woman wearing a thong">
She hasn’t eaten lunch in 3 years, and typically skips dinner 3 to 4 times per week. Why? Because she’s committed to staying in shape.



Blonde women in thongs are such a turn for men that are attracted to blondes and butts. So it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that all men fall in love with this big booty babe the moment they see her wearing just a thong.

alt="Booty selfieof an athletic woman wearing a white thongs">
Fact: Women with big butts tend to eat more food than women who have small butts.



Women in thongs that that hide their faces in booty selfies do so because they’re very ugly; many times they use the hashtag “butterface” to let men know how unattractive they are in person.

alt="Booty selfie of a Latina babe wearing purple panties">
Fact: Ugly woman have just as much sex as beautiful women because men will sleep with anything.
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Women In Yoga Pants

Women in red yoga pants look really great when they have big butts.

alt="Big booty blonde girl wearing red yoga pants ">
This blonde babe has an ass that was meant to wear yoga pants!



Latina women in yoga pants have the best asses.

alt="Booty selfie of Latina woman wearing yoga pants at the gym ">
This Latina woman has one of the best butts ever photographed.


Brunettes in yoga pants should always take pictures of themselves so they can post their selfies on the gram!

alt="Girl in yoga pants taking a selfie">
This brunette babe wasn’t born with the best of faces, but she really does have a great booty,


Blondes in yoga pants look so hot in their Instagram mirror selfies!

alt="Mirror selfie of blonde girl in yoga pants">
This blonde bombshell looks amazing in her grey yoga pants.



Women with red hair in green yoga pants look great when they bend over!

alt="Red head girl in green yoga pants">
Not only does this red headed babe have a tremendous booty, but her green yoga pants have one of the sexiest designs we have ever seen out in public.



Women that wear yoga pants to go grocery shopping look amazing when they bend over to get something from the beverage section.

alt="Big booty blonde babe in yoga pants bending over at the grocery store">
This beauty was last seen shopping at Von’s grocery store in La Costa, CA which is located in San Diego.



Women in camouflage yoga pants have great asses when they wear them at the gym to do squats!

alt="Fitness girl wearing yoga pants taking a gym selfie">
The yoga pants that this sexy chick is wearing should be the official uniform for women in every branch of the United States military.



Women in yoga pants that ride motorcycles are so hot to watch when they  bend over!

alt="Girl in yoga pants riding a motorcycle">
This woman loves to ride motorcycles as well as men!



Women in pink yoga pants are so sexy.

alt="Blonde babe in pink yoga pants taking a picture of her butt">
This blonde woman pictured above graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Communications.



Women in white yoga pants are so hot when they take gym selfies of their butts.

alt="Girl at the gym wearing white yoga pants and taking a gym selfie">
Not only does the woman pictured above have a nice body, but she brushes her teeth between 7 to 12 times per day. That is quite obsessive, but when you have a butt like she does then why complain about how many times she brushes her teeth in a 24 hour day period.


Women with big butts as well as women with small butt should always have to wear yoga pants because of how sexy they make their bodies look while wearing them.

Many men love to watch women in yoga pants when they are in a yoga class, or when they are at the gym doing squats. If you have never seen a women do squats at the gym while she’s wearing a sexy pair of yoga pants then you need to get yourself a gym membership right away so you can see what we are talking about!

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MILF Brandi Love Has A Nice Ass

alt="Porn star Brandi Love wearing a thing showing her booty">


Brandi Love is an American porn star that has become famous for her MILF porn video scenes. Brandi Love is also a very popular porn star because she has the best ass in all of porn, especially for a woman that is closer to 50 years old than she is to 40 years of age.

Most female porn stars retire before they reach 30 years of age, but porn star Brandi Love didn’t start her adult acting career until she was 37 years old. The main reason she got into the porn industry is because she no longer wanted to work in strip clubs as a featured dancer. Ironically enough Brandi Love travels all across the world to perform in strip clubs as a headliner.

Brandi Love can be found in many lesbian videos as well as threesome porn videos. She always plays the role of the step mother in all of her threesome porn videos as well as her lesbian porn scenes.

alt="Porn star Brandi Love rubbing Nicole Anniston's ass in lingerie">

She has been heard saying that her favorite female porn stars to work with are both Nicole Aniston and big booty brunette bombshell Abella Danger; while Nicole Aniston is only 10 years younger than Brandi Love, Abella Danger is 25 years younger than Love, but Love usually steals every scene because she has a gorgeous round ass that any man would die to get a shot at having sex with.

alt="Lesbian Brandi Love kissing lesbian porn star Abella Danger on a couch">

Brandi Love plans on extending her MILF porn career into a GILF porn career when she turns 60 years old. She is a self-admitted sex addict and has posted on social media that she couldn’t quit porn even if she wanted to because she is too addicted to having sex with well endowed male porn stars and gorgeous female porn stars with big asses like hers.

We should all keep our fingers crossed that Brandi Love continues making as much porn as possible, and if you’ve never seen her ass take a big cock in her ass during an anal sex threesome scene then you are missing out on am amazing site.


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Albert Einstein’s Developed E = mc² Because He Had a Butt Fetish

The real meaning behind Albert Einstein’s E = mc² is actually about a “behind”, butt not a theory of relativity! Strap in, because this read is going to be insane!

Albert Einstein's Developed E = mc² Because He Had a Butt Fetish

Albert Einstein was not only the most intelligent human to have ever walked the planet Earth, be he also was an “Ass Man”. Believe it or not but Albert Einstein actually only became interested in mathematics after seeing his 10th grade Geometry teacher wearing a super short, and extremely tight, skirt. The way her butt cheeks looked in that skirt kept Albert Einstein up all night because he wanted to know how two butt cheeks could be so round, and wanted to know the width, length, and diameter of each butt cheek portion.

After months of research, Albert Einstein solved the problem of his teacher’s ass cheeks with the this formula, one that you may be familiar with, the formula is Einstein’s famous E = mc².

Einstein fooled people into believing that E = mc² was an equation which “E” represents units of energy, “m” represents units of mass, and “c2” is the speed of light squared, or multiplied by itself.

But in fact….

E = erection
m = mass
c2 = crack of ass separation point

Pretty crazy right?

Albert Einstein just got lucky that he was also able to use this equation for his other big idea.

But with his version of E = mc2 that represented the perfect female tush Einstein developed male masturbation devices in the shape of his 10 grade geometry teacher’s butt that ran off of nuclear energy instead of batteries.

When Einstein’s wife found his version of the fleshlight he was so embarrassed that he said it was an nuclear atom reactor, and with that the world would never be the same! Basically, we have nuclear bombs today because Albert Einstein wanted to make the perfect male masturbating device. He was a genius, but mostly a gentleman that loved the female booty!

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Evelin Stone is beautiful

This scene stars the very beautiful Evelin Stone.

Evelin Stone is beautiful

The beautiful young adult Evelin Stone is the new stepsis in the house who is totally self consumed. After every shower she takes nude selfies. What a slut! This also makes her horny so she begins to masturbate. She thought this was going to be a private orgasm, but stepbro got caught peeking. He is a very bad boy. The next day Evelin was studying for her sex ed class. Stepbro made fun of her since she only looks at wieners in the textbook while all her friends have seen his wiener. What the holy moly dude? How did he not show her first? She was annoyed as all heck until he showed her, then she was impressed. She began to suck it and even swallowed.

Abella Danger13

Evelin Stone is a public flashing daredevil! She grabs a scooter and flashes around town and gets honked at from a passing boat in the marina! She gets straight to the point and asks whose wiener she gets to play with because she is turned up sexually and ready to get her booty pounded out. They go back to his place and he lets his buddy get first dibs on getting their hands on her perfect body!


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Sneaky Sex – Starring Ashly Anderson and Karma RX –

It’s late, and Ashly Anderson has her boyfriend Robby over for a nice relaxing night watching TV. Unfortunately, Robby is in a bit of sticky situation. On one side, he has innocent-looking Ashly who is patiently waiting for her roommate to leave. Maybe once Ashly gets him alone, she can strip off her comfy clothes and make the night a bit more interesting… On the other side, Robby has the seductive Karma Rx using all of her deep throating and teasing abilities to entice him away from his girlfriend. Decisions, decisions! Both girls are sexy, curvy, and craving his cock. But can he manage to please two roommates at the same time? Or will he be caught in an emotional whirlwind of pussy-induced drama? Well, here goee the neighborhood


Sis Loves Me Title: I Like My Stepsisters Costume: Starring: Dolly Leigh

My stepsister Dolly Leigh can be a real klutz sometimes, but when she slips and bumps her head, I’m a little worried about her. She can’t seem to remember that I’m her stepbrother, so I tell her I’m her boyfriend and give her an extra intimate massage. A couple days later, I convince her to stay in with me and ride my penis until she squirts all over the floor. But when her memory finally comes back, Dolly Leigh doesn’t seem to care much that she’s been messing around with her stepbrother this whole time. In fact, she seems to like it way more than she ever thought she would!


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Abella Danger Has A Perfect Booty

This scene stars the amazing booty star Abella Danger!

Abella Danger12

Bootyful American nymph Abella Danger has some booty humping dreams that she wants to have realized more than anything. She shares her sexual fantasies with Logan Long who doesn’t seems to know how to take the news at first, but after seeing her fucking her ass with a butt plug, he’s more than ready to help make her dreams cum true. The brunette glamour pornstar is extra excited to see his long wiener and gets her booty gaped just as wide as she wanted, taking a thorough pounding until he blasts his stuff in her waiting mouth.

Abella Danger starts scheming after she wakes up and remembers she emailed her ex-boss Markus Dupree with a wedding proposal the night before. She puts on her shortest miniskirt and rushes to Markus’s office so she can delete the email before he gets to work. Unable to crack the computer password, she tries to hide but gets caught by Markus who threatens to call security. Abella has one more trick up her skirt though, and Markus cannot resist the offer of her tight little booty for a good, hard booty loving.


Abella Danger1

Watch Abella Danger get wet and soaped up in the shower, scrubbing and twerking her perfect boootay under hot water. Once Abella dries off, she oils herself up, making her skin glisten before Johnny The Kid enters and finishes what she’s started, giving her the hardcore fun she’s been waiting for!

It’s a cold spring day and The ZZ General Hospital is overflowing with patients. Dr. Mick Blue’s shift takes an unexpected turn when blonde babe Abella Danger presents him with a rare case of frostbite… on her tushy! Will doctor Mick’s unusual treatment restore Abella’s bootay sensitivity?

Rich babe Abella Danger comes home to find lowly commoner Small Hands measuring her floor. Small Hands tries to introduce himself to the home owner, but she brushes him off, demanding to know if he will be finished in time for her upcoming weekend party. Demeaning and dressing down the contractor, Abella is shocked when she notices how amazing her booty really is that sexy!


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JOI Videos

This scene stars the talented Summer Brooks!

JOI Videos

Summer Brooks starts the scene by saying the following: I know that you think I am hot. I can tell by the way you have been looking at me recently. It is okay, I think about you too. So, here is what I am going to do. I am going to let you watch me touch myself. The only thing is, you have to touch yourself too. I want to see you stroke your wiener. Oh my garsh, it is so big. Do you like when I run my hands up and down my body? How about when I touch my perky boobies. I can tell it turns you on when I rub my little body with my soft hands that have quite long fingers. It feels so good. Are you going to try and turn me on for me? I am going to explode, too!

Summer Brooks

This scene stars the amazing Macy Meadows in “Lost Her Memory”

My stepsister Macy Meadows can be a real klutz sometimes, but when she slips and bumps her head, I’m a little worried about her. She can’t seem to remember that I’m her stepbrother, so I tell her I’m her boyfriend and give her an extra intimate massage. A couple days later, I convince her to have one of the best times of her life! Allie Nicole (Forgot Stepsis’s Birthday)
My stepsister, Allie Nicole, is pretty laid back most of the time. So, when she’s all uptight after I get home from work, I can tell something is wrong. Turns out, I forgot her darn birthday! I make it up to her with a cute little birthday cake, and she’s so happy that she lets me see her sexy body! YO Yo Yo this ain’t MTV Raps!

This JOI scene stars the sexy Maxim Law:

Are you really touching yourself in the middle of the living room? That’s so dirty. I want to see your wiener while you play with it. Wow, you’re already so hard… Do you do this every time your mom and I leave the house? I may be your stepmom, but this kind of turns me. Does this turn you on!

This JOI scene stars the perfect adult actress Kylie Kingston

How long have you had your wiener out watching me? I’ve seen the way you look at me, and it’s kind of flattering. You don’t need to put it away – I like the way it makes me feel. Can I play with your wiener a little? Let me slide it between my big old flappers that I call my boobers!

This JOI scene stars the gorgeous porn star Kat Dior

I have been thinking about you all day. I’ve been so bored working at home, not being able to see you and play with you. This whole quarantine thing has got me in a rut, and I want you to help me get out of it. I need your wiener inside my throbbing MILF body..can you do that for me my love?

This JOI scene stars the beautiful pornstar Natasha Starr

I work hard to keep my body in shape, and guys always call me a MILF when they see what I am working with. But when I start touching myself in the bathtub today, all I can think of is you. I think of your gigantic manhood and what it could do to me, how it would feel between my wet lips, and inside my tight mouth. I fantasize about you slipping it between my boobies and sliding up and down between them yo. It gets me so hot while I play with myself. I love bringing myself to orgasm, but I think I love feeling your hands on my body even more… Love, Natasha Starr.


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Adult Entertainer Natalia Starr

This scene stars the one and only adult vixen Natalia Starr.

Adult Entertainer Natalia Starr

Natalia Starr wants to lock a man down, and she’s doing it the only way she knows how – amazing food, and hot sexy time, anytime, anyplace.

Out by the pool, blonde, pink-lipped Natalia Starr pouts and douses her bouncy boobers in oil. Flashing her pretty blue eyes as she sucks.

Natalia Starr is peeping on her neighbor and can’t help but finger herself because she is daydreaming about him inside of her. She fakes an electrical emergency to get him to come over to her house! Once inside, she feels the attraction even more and seduces him into banging a few out in the kitchen!

Striking Natalia Starr looks unbelievable in her tight outfit as she struts about the town. But when she takes the action back home, she will give herself completely – and it shows.

Hot blonde, Natalia Starr, brings you a sweaty workout tease with her big breasts and big perfectly round tush. This is epic bootay fun at its finest! Including, boobie play time, ATM’s, gaping and swallowing! It’s one of the hottest scenes anyone has ever been apart, or even seen in person, on their iPhones, or PCs. Yo, this is a winner for the wiener YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Natalia Starr is ready to heat it up during one of her hot yoga sessions. After loosening up with some warm up stretches, Xander appears with a bottle of oil and really turns up the temperature! Watch as these two reach their boiling point and explode – like Xander’s hot load all over Natalia’s pretty

Blonde temptress Natalia Starr flashes her beautiful blue eyes and reveals the bejeweled booty plug lodged in her round and plump tusher.. Natalia pops her juicy booty.


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Jenny is a sexy blogger

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